Thursday, March 12, 2009


So People always ask me where the name Majkatree comes from and what in the world does it mean? Well, I'll tell you. When trying to come up with a name for my budding handmade business, I wanted something that represented who I was, who I aspired to be, and the sisterhood of this world of mothers. Well, Mamatree was taken and it just didn't seem, um international, as I feel that a mother is a mother is a mother, and whether you sleep with your kids on a rattan mat on a dirt floor or a cold cabin or an inner city high rise, simply put, we mamas all love our babies. In keeping with that vibe, I decided to choose a name utterly unique, so I wouldn't be confused with some foreign mom troupe, and interculturally earth mother. "Majka" means mama in 5 languages! Bosnian, Croation, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian. Plus, I liked the way it felt leaving my lips. Being a nature lover and a tree admirer, even if I trip and fall sometimes, I love the many aspects of trees and in particular, the way the branches grow and drop seeds to begin other trees, even in other places the wind has blown them. And like a mother, she has room for many in her arms and grows more strong and beautiful with age.

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