Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paper AND Plastic Are Heinous And Fabric Bags are Cute!

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who brought bags to the store with me. I know we all forget, and I'll give ya some help with that following this blog, but man, I would think that by now EVERYBODY would have them up on that belt before their groceries. I have been making Alternatives to the paper/plastic resource dilemma for awhile now, and I know that we all love a cute bag, AND, I dare mention, I am not the only one pumpin'out these bags, so what gives?
I have an assortment when I go, sure, but they are not plastic, except for the couple of trader Joe's bags I still have kickin' around, and YES, I do forget, but I have gotton better and it feels really good when I buy an enormous amount of food and didn't need a single store bag because I brought, like seven of my own. So I would like to give everyone who is in the sound of my blog to check out the assortment on etsy! My etsy would be the absolute best, of course, but if you can't hang with my products, let etsy suck ya in for awhile and take a good look at all the fabulous handmade bags out there. Some $5. even! And you know, deep down that it would feel pretty awesome to have YOUR bags be something interesting for all to see as you stroll out of the wonderful and yummy but overpriced Whole Foods! Try it, man. Earth friendly doesn't have to be ugly.

Tips for getting your bags to the store with you:

-Put those suckers in your car
-Put those suckers by the door
-Wad them up and put them in your purse, backpack, or satchel
-Put a bag in all of those places so chances are no matter what you will at least have one
-Shop once a week lightly so you will carry less and spend less and need fewwer bags to have around
-keep a list that you continually add to and write at the topBAGS so when you review it before you leave(if you are that organized)you will be reminded

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Stuff!

Happy New Year Planet Earth! It's been wonderful creating and sharing and learning with so many fellow crafters and earthlings! I hope the positive vibe that has begun in our country can spread throughout the universe! I have certainly been busy, not just with my kids and laundry, but with so many ideas that keep me awake at night. I have launched my etsy website shop(, introduced my screen printed bags and pouches, and recently, an old love; painting has cropped up and squatted down on some lovely found pieces of reclaimed wood. Don't ya just love when something old and seemingly unusable gets a new incarnation as something new and fabulous!? I get so excited when I see something peeking out from a rubbish pile that may have some life in it yet, and we all want to help reduce waste and be a little more creative about how we deal with "stuff." As for my bags; they are accumulating as my passion for making them grows. Thankfully some of you guys have taken some of them off my hands for me! I scout out new and modern fabrics everyday and as with anything else, I find fabric in some unusual places: Old dresses, Husband's old shirts sheets-new and old-, tablecloths, and even old bags and purses! I also seem to uncover new pieces faster than I can keep up with! Here are a few photos , and remember, I am always open to your ideas, comments and custom requests.