Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I took my art pieces and put them in their own etsy shop;
There are just 13 pieces now, but I am "procuring" more wooden canvases to piant on. Aaron is hooking me up with some wood scraps from his kitchen redo and we have a dresser that was left for scavenging that Jimbo needs to bust up for me. I'm gonna ask him tah bust up that thar chifferobe for me, for those of you who can appreciate a good "To Kill A Mockingbird" qoute. I always can, clearly.
So, anyway I'm workin on that and if any of Y'all in the Bay Area have some non-toxic wood that I may reclaim, give me a hollar(to complete the hillbilly theme).

Now, if Hank and Olivia would just stay in their room quietly for several hours....

Here are some GrunSugar Sweeties:

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Forever Creative said...

Gotta say...Love your stuff! My fave thus far is the Frankfurt Favor Pleated Bag!!!